Hey boo! I’m Katie

I help chicks get their life together through better energy & mindset, paired with a sprinkle of keto magic!


I want to help you experience your dream life

I’m here to empower the 'everyday babe' with awareness that you have ALL the magic inside of YOU to make big shifts in body, mind & soul! I think the coolest thing about our generations love for social media is how many amazing people can connect and inspire each other to be better.

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casual keto

If you have been curious about the benefits of Keto, but have no idea where to start, I’m here to give you easy starting tips and hacks to get into ketosis!


How to Jump start your mindset

If you want to develop a better mindset to get you through your days, I am here to help you get started right!


beginners guide to fasting

If you have you been wanting to try intermittent fasting but overwhelmed by where to start use this guide to help you along!


Welcome friend!


Hi! I'm Katie.

Less than two years ago, I was fluffy AND feeling stuck in my daily grind as a wife and working mama! I was working a high-stress desk job in project management (HELLO STRESS EATING,) running a failing handyman business with my husband (IT SUCKED) as well as taking a stab at online entrepreneurship (AND FAILING.) All I knew was that I would see other chicks on social media who seemed to have their life, weight and LIFE under control, and I made it my mission to figure out the damn secret!

Enter: ketones & a kickass mindset routine.

I literally hacked the system... to all of it! I am one who likes to work smarter not harder, can you relate?

That is how pure therapeutic ketones helped me ease into the keto diet, and when I really fell in love with the cognitive function support paired with the fierce focus, it helped me step up to tackle a mindset map that worked for me!

I'm super excited to share all the magic with you babe!

xo K